Why Eating Less Meat Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted Wednesday December 28, 2016 by Mark

Why Eating Less Meat Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

As another year comes to a close, you might be looking forward to 2017 and thinking “what can I do to be better next year?” For many people, saving money, being more health-conscious and contributing something of purpose to the world around you are commonly at the top of our New Year’s Resolution lists. But what if we told you that by making one simple change, you can achieve each of these things? Well, listen up, because the change starts on your plate.

Here’s how reducing your consumption of meat can help you in 2017…


Living a healthy lifestyle encompasses a variety of important factors that take care of our physical and mental wellbeing – but eating less meat is a great way to make a start on such a change. Reports from The World Health Organisation have stated that processed meats are a ‘group 1’ carcinogen, which means that there is significant evidence suggesting that eating such food can cause cancer. They also state that red meat such as lamb, beef and pork have been classified as a ‘probable’ cause of cancer when consumed regularly. In addition to this, when you cut down on your meat consumption (or cut it out entirely), you enjoy lower blood cholesterol levels, lower rates of type 2 diabetes, lower BMI and lower blood pressure.

When you substitute meat dishes for veggie options, your body will be getting all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and full of energy, without the potential negative side effects. Pair this with regular exercise and you will be on your way to a happier, healthier you.


It seems that every week there is a new report on the ailing health of our environment. Climate change is a huge issue that virtually everyone knows about, and yet very few people are aware of the fact that reducing your consumption of meat – particularly red meat – can make a hugely positive impact.

In Australia, 50% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the animal agriculture industries that raise the animals who end up on our plates. When you add that to the fact that 32% of Australia’s freshwater is used in raising livestock, it’s no wonder that climate change is becoming such a huge threat to our local and global environment. If everyone in Australia were to reduce their meat consumption by just a few meals per week, we would see a major difference in regards to the effects of climate change. At Less Meat Less Heat, we call this the Climatarian Diet, and we encourage everyone to give it a go so you can realise just how easy (and delicious) it is to eat in an environmentally-friendly way.

Download our ‘Climatarian Challenge’ app today to learn more about how your diet is impacting on the environment and to take part in our 30-day Climatarian challenge.


Looking to cut down on your spending and put away a bit of extra cash each week? Reducing the amount of meat you eat can help to do just that! For many people, meat is often the centrepiece of each meal – a reality that can be quite costly when you add up every cut you buy throughout the week. If you begin to substitute meat for a vegetarian or vegan option, you will soon begin to realise just how much cheaper it can be to create a hearty, delicious meal using veggies. If you want to save a bit of coin, suggest an approach such as ‘Meatless Monday’s’ to your family or housemates. Trust us, every time you choose a veggie option, your bank account will thank you!


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