We are looking for volunteers to help out with COP23!

Posted Friday October 06, 2017 by Mark

If you’re new to Less Meat Less Heat then here’s the spiel. If not, skip down to ‘Now to cut to the chase’.


Less Meat Less Heat is a grassroots, non-profit organisation dedicated addressing climate change through diet change alongside a transition towards renewable energy. Our work encompasses educating the public about the massive carbon footprint of beef, lamb and dairy subsequently driving down the consumption of these types of food most damaging to the climate. Livestock agriculture represents both the biggest threat to our climate as well as the biggest opportunity for saving it.


Our vision is for people to adopt a Climatarian diet to help address climate change. One campaign to put this into action is our smartphone app ‘The Climatarian Challenge’, launched by a crowdfunding campaign in 2015


For more information on the Climatarian diet check out our founder Mark Pershin’s TED talk;


Now to cut to the chase, Mark Pershin was recently selected to attend the UN COP23 climate talks in Bonn and hence needs your help to best prepare to have the biggest impact during these important negotiations. Having previously attended the COP21 climate talks in Paris, Mark has a better understanding of where his efforts would be most effective however there is still a lot of research and strategy work to be done both in the lead up to, and during the talks to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.


Volunteers with a good knowledge of how the UNFCCC COP talks work would be preferred, however the resources are available for educating oneself for those who have the time and drive.


Our organisation relies solely on volunteers to work towards achieving our mission. We were founded in Australia back in early 2015 and we have grown rapidly around the world and are fully setup for remote work. We use Trello, Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce and GoToMeeting to allow everyone to collaborate efficiently and effectively across each project and will fully train any new volunteers on how to use these platforms. This means that you can volunteer from anywhere so long as you have a decent internet connection and the drive to change the world in a vibrant start-up environment.

If the UN climate talks are not your jam and you’re more interested in the grassroots volunteering side of our organisation then read on. Other areas of our organisation you might be interested in getting involved in include fundraising & grant-seeking, marketing & communications, research and program development, which are all described on our volunteer page.


If you would like to help out for COP23 then please complete and submit our volunteer form. Please make sure to select ‘Research’ under team and add ‘COP23’ to the comments section.

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