The Best Green Smoothies For Muscle Builders

Posted Friday October 06, 2017 by Mark

Founder Mark Pershin here with warm greetings from my temporary base in surprisingly sunny Bristol as I prepare for the upcoming UN COP23 climate talks.

Today I’d like to link you to a fabulous guest post from our friends at Positive Health & Wellness who have a great article (among many) about how to build your own post-workout smoothie that is the optimal way to replenish both your protein stores often lacking after an intense workout as well as the other nutrients required to help you build muscle. Forget about steaks and steroids, this is the most efficient way to absorb such necessary micro and macro nutrients after a workout and best of all, if you use a non-dairy protein powder (avoid anything with the word ‘whey’ in it) such as pea-based protein powders, it’s totally climatarian – enjoy!


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