Sustainable Living Festival Wrap Up

Posted Sunday March 26, 2017 by Mark

Sustainable Living Festival Wrap Up


On the weekend of the 10th to 12th of February we had the pleasure of hosting a stall at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne. The weather mostly behaved which made being outdoors at Birrarung Marr alongside many other organisations promoting sustainable living a great place to be.


It was amazing to connect with so many people and to be surrounded by other groups who are focused on improving the state of the planet. We felt right at home there as sustainable living is what we’re all about and changing our diets is just as important as moves towards renewable energy, saving rainforests and protecting endangered species.


Over the course of the weekend we spoke to dozens of people who approached our stall and asked “What is this Less Meat Less Heat thing all about?” Explaining the impact on the environment of the animal agriculture industries and seeing people react to that information was extremely rewarding. It also demonstrated that there’s still a way to go in getting consumers to understand the implications of their diet to global warming. Fortunately there was amazing meat-free food options at the festival so after explaining how much water is saved by eating a vegetarian burger as opposed to a conventional burger we could point people in the direction of great vege burgers being served up at the festival.


The festival also gave us a chance for us to get more people on board with the Climatarian Challenge app. During the festival and immediately after we had dozens of downloads of the app and we saw our email subscriber list grow significantly.


We also sold some of our merchandise and gave away some stickers to children and anyone else who may have wanted one. It’s great to see a happy cyclist riding off with a climatarian challenge sticker on their bike or a child proudly applying one of our stickers to their chest.


It was a rewarding experience for the Less Meat Less Heat crew at the 2017 Sustainable Living Festival but it also reminded us how much there is to do, and how important it is to keep promoting our message of less meat less heat.


We’re looking forward to next year’s festival and what we can accomplish between now and then.


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