Melbourne Metro Rail takes on the Climatarian Challenge!

Posted Friday November 16, 2018 by Kylie Betheras

Melbourne Metro Rail takes on the Climatarian Challenge!

Melbourne Metro Rail takes on the Climatarian Challenge!

By Fiona Casey

This November, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority decided to take on the Climatarian Challenge.
Less Meat Less Heat was invited to present at a ‘learning at lunch’ session at MMRA’s office in Melbourne city to inform employees about carbon conscious eating. Our Fundraising Coordinator, Fiona, informed the team about the effects of animal agriculture on the climate and introduced them to the challenge. The presentation sparked an interesting discussion on the impact our eating habits have on the environment with some varied opinions on adopting a climatarian diet brought to the table!
Throughout the month, we kept MMRA updated with weekly reports on the scores of each participant. The results showed varying engagement and success with the challenge. Dinner proved to be the most challenging meal (with the highest beef and lamb consumption) however there was a notable reduction over the month.

The MMRA participants achieved some great results with most challenge completers managing to stay under the 8,000 carbon point budget. Well done team!

“The Climatarian Challenge was exactly that – a challenge. I don’t consider myself a big meat eater so I thought this challenge would be fairly easy, but I was wrong. Through the process of recording my meals daily, I realised how often I eat diary products – milk, cheese, yoghurt, eggs. I had never thought about the impact of having a tub of yoghurt every morning.

Unfortunately I didn’t finish the challenge with points to spare, but I have gained an insight into the meat and dairy industry and the dreadful impact that it’s having on our wonderful world.
This has made me think differently and I hope I continue to act differently in the future.”

Sally, Wellbeing, Inclusion & Communications Coordinator

Less Meat Less Heat is happy to provide support to businesses or groups wishing to take on the Climatarian Challenge together. If you would like one of our knowledgeable, enthusiastic volunteers to present at your office, provide support in taking on the Climatarian Challenge or hold a climatarian BBQ, please email and we will get back to you! 🙂

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