LMLH UK is born!

Posted Thursday September 14, 2017 by Mark

LMLH UK is born!

On Tuesday 15th August 2017 LMLH held their first UK event, a screening of the powerful Before The Flood documentary featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Fisher Stevens. The event was held at the auspicious Jamyang Buddhist Centre in London, which provided a great space in a central location.


Organised and promoted by volunteer James Waring, who has now returned in the role of UK Coordinator, the event was well attended by people from all over London, who provided very positive feedback and some interesting discussion points during and after. Founder and CEO Mark Pershin, who was in the UK, presented a live rerun of his motivational TEDx talk. The event’s social media campaign achieved a new record in reach, and response rate to the event exceeded expectations. Since the event we have received an overwhelming response from people wanting to join our global team of volunteers, with a wealth of background and experience to contribute.


We are already looking forward to organising the next LMLH UK event, with our new team of volunteers who hope to continue the momentum of a very promising launch.

– James S. Waring UK Coordinator

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