Put Climate On Pause Press Conference Launch @ COP23

Put Climate on Pause Coalition calls on UNFCCC to adopt dual term GWP20/GWP100 greenhouse gas accounting standard


Press conference: Tuesday 14th November 9-9.30am, Press Conference Room 2, Bula Zone



Mark Pershin, Director of Less Meat Less Heat

Dr Helen Harwatt, Environmental Scientist

Dr Robert Howarth, Professor of Ecology and Environmental Biology


The Put Climate on Pause coalition is calling on the UNFCCC to adopt a dual-term 20 year (GWP20) 100 year (GWP100) greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting standard across all of its activities, including IPCC reporting.


The proposed 20 year, GWP20, accounting period is required to expose the real potency of short lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) such as methane gas, and reveal the great potential they offer to mitigate climate change in the short term, buying crucial time for CO2 reductions to limit global warming to the target 1.5-2oC.

CO2 is the main driver of long-term warming and targeting it is vital for long-term mitigation strategies. However, 42% of current warming2 is due to SLCPs and an exclusively long-term focus overlooks the role of SLCPs in driving short-term warming.


GWP100 focuses climate mitigation on sectors which are the dominant sources of CO2: energy, industry and transportation. It underplays the need for action on the major sources of the SLCPs: agriculture, deforestation, stubble fires and industrial livestock; and fugitive emissions from natural gas extraction.  The adoption of GWP20 could drive SLCP mitigation and provide a vital window of opportunity to enable the achievement of international climate goals.


Currently coalition members

Organisations: Carbon Market Watch, Climates Network,  Environment Centre NT, Food & Water Europe, Food & Water Watch, Less Meat Less Heat, Proveg International,  UK Youth Climate Coalition

Scientists: Professor Gidon Eshel, Dr Helen Harwatt,  Dr Robert Howarth,  Mr Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop


For more media information contact Mark Pershin, on +447919251546 or mark@putclimateonpause.org.  

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