Less Meat Maccas

Less Meat Maccas

One Big Mac has the same carbon footprint as using an electric hand dryer 200 times, watching 44 hours of TV, and drinking 16 cappuccinos.

But when you walk into an Australian McDonald’s, there’s not even one meat-free burger on the menu. And it’s costing the planet.

That’s why Less Meat Less Heat has launched a petition, asking McDonald’s to do the right thing for people, animals, and the planet, by bringing a meat-free burger to Australia.

Please click here to add your name, and let McDonald’s know climate-conscious Australians want to see a low-carbon, meat-free burger on the menu.

Giving people the freedom to choose a meat-free burger every now and then at McDonalds might not seem like a big deal. But this mega-chain is so huge, even one simple menu addition has the power to make a massive difference. Even if only 1 in every 1,000 customers were to swap a Quarter Pounder for a meat free burger at Maccas, it would save a massive 1.844 million kilograms of carbon from the atmosphere. Every single year.

Please take action and sign the petition demanding McDonald’s lower it’s carbon footprint, by putting a meat free burger on the menu.

Because with the planet rapidly cooking under the pressure of unsustainable meat production, every burger counts right now!

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