Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce the consumption of meat most damaging to the climate by promoting a Climatarian diet.


Our vision is for people to adopt a Climatarian diet to help address climate change.

About Less Meat Less Heat

Less Meat Less Heat (LMLH) is a grassroots, non-profit organisation dedicated to reducing the consumption of the kinds of meat products that are most damaging to the climate. Our work encompasses two central steps. The first is educating the public about the massive carbon footprint of beef and lamb. The second is providing people with a way in which to monitor and eventually diversify their diets so as to reduce their levels of meat consumption.

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Our Values



Less Meat Less Heat promises to honestly identify and communicate the drivers of climate change in proportion to each other within the time horizon that is most appropriate to the gravity of the problem (20 years). LMLH aims to devote all of its effort to addressing the most powerful driver of climate change (livestock agriculture) through the cheapest and fastest way possible (behavioural change).

Transparency and credibility

LMLH are completely transparent in all our programs, campaigns, sources of funding and third-party affiliations.


LMLH aims to drive behavioural change in the mainstream population by taking a pragmatic approach. We have little time to take prudent action on climate change in order to avoid runaway consequences - a few years at best. While absolute alternatives like veganism or vegetarianism are valuable approaches, we instead believe in fostering intelligent food choices as an achievable goal for the community as a whole. Our approach offers the public a way to be conscious and aware of their dietary choices, in pursuit of a climatarian, low-carbon diet.

Sense of Urgency

LMLH aims to promote behavioural change through the Climatarian Challenge App. Following the ratification of the Paris Agreement, we must now join forces on all fronts to limit rising temperatures to well below 2 °C. Animal agriculture and in particular cattle production is one of the largest drivers of short-term climate change due to the factors described here . Because of this it also presents one of the biggest opportunities for reversing it.


LMLH will not accept funding from any corporation or organisation not in alignment with our views or core values.



"Our mission is to reduce the consumption of meat most damaging to the climate by promoting a Climatarian diet".

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